‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’ is one of the most anticipated series since it was announced that the popular ‘El internado’ was going to have a reboot on Amazon Prime Video. Little is known about this production that ended its filming in the month of August, but, after showing us the occasional image of the actors on set, we already know who is who and the most important thing: what we can expect from them.

Asia Ortega, one of the protagonists of ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’

The Instagram account of the series has shared images of each of the Las Cumbres students, so we can already know which actor plays whom. On the girls’ side, Asia Ortega plays Amaia, whom she characterizes his impulsiveness and rebellion; Claudia Riera is Inés, of whom they point out that will be an unforgettable character; Paula del Río plays Paz, an unstoppable young woman who it’s going to give a lot of war and Daniela Rubio puts herself in the shoes of Adele, the person most adorable of that boarding school.

If we move on to the boys, Gonzalo Díez plays Julio, the red-haired boy who, as they describe him, it has a lot of fire inside; Albert Salazar is Paul, Adele’s brother and an imaginative boy who can get mysteries; Daniel Arias plays Eric, bad boy from class and Carlos Alcaide shows us Manu, the most popular of the boarding school but, also, the most dangerous.

The other signings

Who we still do not know images of is the rest of the characters. Among the signings that complete the cast of ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’ are faces such as Mina El Hammani, Ramiro Blas, Joel Bosqued, Alberto Amarilla or Natalia Dicenta, training the adults that we will see walking through the center. Sara Balerdi and Francisca Aronsson are other young women who will teach at Las Cumbres.