One of the gangs that have been most active during these days of quarantine has been MetallicaWell, beyond sending messages of support to everyone, they got quite creative. Since the end of March, thrash legends every Monday post a new concert online as live shows return, but Lars Ulrich decided to do something else for a fan of the band.

Just like the good Dave Grohl did a few days ago, Metallica drummer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to leave us all with a square eye. It turns out that on the show, the American presenter has a section where he spends time on the stories of a lot of people that right now, and despite the fact that the coronavirus is being controlled, the pandemic is still a major topic.


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This time we had to know the history of Tracey Bednar, a pediatric section nurse working within the Long Island Hospital intensive care unit In New York. Bednar is on the lookout for children fighting COVID-19 And she herself says that she spends 45 minutes each day to fulfill her duty, she arrives at 7 in the morning at work and gets down to work.

In addition to caring for the little ones with coronavirus, the nurse said she loves golf, yoga and playing loud music in the car to motivate herself every day, but he mentions that he especially likes to blow up his car horns with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. So out of nowhere, Kimmel told Tracey that he had a surprise for her and without further introduction Lars Ulrich himself appeared on the screen.

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Already on screen, Ulrich thanked Tracey for the tremendous work she has done over the past few months: “As the father of three children, I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I’ve been sitting here listening for the past two minutes. All of us in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are very grateful for what you do. And thanks for making Metallica a part of your life and your way home. ”

In addition to giving this great nurse 10 thousand dollars and gift cards for her colleagues, the drummer promised him that when all this is over he will have tickets and a VIP experience for the next Metallica concert in New York. And if this wasn’t enough, he also said that she would be the first to have the band’s new live album, S & M2, which will be signed by him, James, Kirk and Robert, and that supposedly coming out in August.

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But enough talking Check out this incredible moment between this great Metallica fan and Lars Ulrich below:

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