Larissa Manoela chose a monochromatic look with holographic top and braided neckline to train with personal trainer Chico Salgado this Sunday (03). The actress, who is living in Rio de Janeiro after signing a contract with TV Globo, had an unusual part of her body praised by a fan. ‘Sovaco lindo’, the admirer noticed in a video posted by Léo Cidade’s girlfriend. Look!

Larissa Manoela is dedicated to keeping fit during this quarantine. After sweating her shirt on Saturday, this Sunday (03) the actress returned to exercise and participated in a live live with the personal Chico Salgado, who has also trained virtually Bruna Marquezine. For class, Larissa bet on a blue monochromatic look. To give a hint to the look, the actress chose a holographic top, a fashion trend, with braided neckline. To announce that the training would be available to fans in a video, Larissa raised her arms and an unusual part of her body was praised by a fan. “Even the armpit is beautiful,” said the follower. “It inspires me”, guaranteed Fernanda Souza. “Linda”, praised Sabrina Sato.

Larissa Manoela excluded red meat from the menu

Larissa Manoela changed her diet a little during this quarantine. The artist told her followers that she was undergoing food re-education alongside her family and that she decided to remove the red meat from her menu. “I don’t have any more meat. I think we overeat. Since quarantine started, I haven’t eaten anymore. I’m opting for fish and chicken,” he said. But she assumed that she still has a long way to go on a vegetarian diet, just as Maisa Silva did for health reasons. “I just think that I wouldn’t be able to be vegetarian because of the fish because I like Japanese food a lot”, he justified.

Larissa Manoela took a self-draining course

At home respecting the quarantine, Larissa Manoela, who is living in a luxury home in Barra da Tijuca, Rio, after signing a contract with TV Globo, no longer has access to services she used to take care of her body, such as lymphatic drainage . But in order not to stop with care, the artist organized a self-draining course using the “Miracle Touch” method by Renata França, and showed the result on her social network by posing in top and hot pants right after the massage.

Larissa Manoela criticizes racist speech of businessman

After Rodrigo Branco gave racist speeches in a live, Larissa Manoela, whose manager is a friend of his family, decided to comment on the matter. “There is no defense for that. Racism is a crime. It is necessary to assume and take responsibility for these attitudes. Their statements invert values, including mine and distort the reality in which we live. Whites are privileged, yes, they always were. You who are reading can I don’t know, I don’t know, and no white person will know what it’s like to suffer because of the color of your skin. suffering that this type of speech and attitude causes every day. No racism! “, he shot.

Larissa Manoela bets on trendy neckline for training with personal: ‘Ta paid’