Laredo and Ebro conclude their confrontation at Campo San Lorenzo without goals (0-0)

04/07/2021 at 10:30 PM CEST

The Laredo and the Ebro They began the Second Phase of Second B drawing 0-0 in the inaugural meeting held this Wednesday in the Campo San Lorenzo. With this result obtained at the end of the match, the teams were in seventh and third place respectively.

During the first half there were no goals by any of the players from each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

Neither team was lucky to score in the second half and therefore regulation time ended with the result 0-0.

In the chapter on changes, the Laredo from Manu Calleja placeholder image relieved Faouzi, Juancar Campo placeholder image and Altadill by David, Vinatea and Varus, while the technician of the Ebro, Manolo Sanlucar, ordered the entry of Jose Ramon, Sebas and From Lerma to supply Carri, Carlos Lopez and Nando Quesada.

The referee sanctioned two players with a yellow card. He showed a yellow card to Goñi, of the Laredo and one to Dovecotes of the Ebro.

With this tie, both the Laredo As the Ebro they managed to score one point each after the start of the Second Phase of Second B.

Data sheetLaredo:Rafa, Rasines, Goñi, Felipe, Varo (Altadill, min.80), David (Faouzi, min.71), Iván Argos, Vinatea (Juancar Campo, min.71), Alex Pérez, Oscar Siafa and GuipuEbro:Loscos, Palomares, Juan Gutierrez, Espín, Xiker, Manu Royo, Parejo, Carlos López (Sebas, min.62), Nando Quesada (De Lerma, min.89), Sánchez and Carri (José Ramón, min.62)Stadium:Campo San LorenzoGoals:0-0