Today, I have been back for a week and a half and still awake in the morning, I swallow and pray that my throat does not hurt

As you know, and for those who do not know, I will tell you again, soon I will return to live in the CDMX for a labor movement of my husband.

With all this madness of the pandemic, everything has been very bizarre. It is not the first time that I move from city and I had quite mastered the subject: you go to the city assigned to you and faster than fast you look for house and school to be able to move as soon as possible.

Today this is very difficult because pandemic.

Searching for home and school from a distance has been a complicated and very stressful task, which I would not have accomplished without the help of my parents. So: thanks to my parents who have raffled.

After seeing several houses and houses online, and sending my parents to see them and show them to us by video call. After “losing” a couple of opportunities, we finally found a place that adapts to our needs and possibilities, which is complicated but was accomplished.

The owner of the apartment, to sign the contract told us that he wanted us to see him in person for the signature and since we need to move this month, this one who writes them sacrificed himself for the family and went to the CDMX to carry out the entire procedure.

Make the decision to traveling cost me work because the truth was a little scary. I didn’t know what to expect.

But I bought my plane ticket and I went on an adventure.

I don’t know if you have been at the airport of Monterrey but normally it is very full, now empty. So much so that of the long-term parking lots, only one is operating.

Upon entering the terminal they ask you to fill out a form where they ask you if you have been in contact with an infected person or if you have symptoms. Of course you can not enter if you do not have a mouthpiece and there is a person at the door taking the temperature for everyone.

In the terminal where I traveled, during the two hours I was waiting, only the flight that went to CDMX, so there were very few people and, therefore, the entrance to the rooms was very fast.

It was not open more than a local, cafeteria type; everything else closed.

The boarding procedure is now back to front so that people have as little contact as possible. Of course, everyone with their San Juan meat portfolio and since I was in row 11 my suitcase no longer fit and they had to document it.

When you get on the plane they apply satirizing to all the luggage you bring and during the flight you can only take off the mouth cover when they offer you drinks.

The plane was practically full, one or two empty places. There was one in my row and therefore my seatmate and I decided that it was better to leave the empty space between the two of us. We don’t talk to each other throughout the flight. I think we were all nervous, I was.

In terminal 2 of the airport of the CDMX There were more people, but definitely nothing like the amount that is normally circulating around. All people try to pass away from anyone passing.

My stay at CDMX It was quite helpful and above all very happy because I saw my parents. But do not believe the feeling of guilt out of quarantine is very great.

I was only 3 days there and I started to return home to prepare everything for the move.

The return flight was very similar. The difference is that from Terminal 2, flights were leaving much more often. I estimate that there were about 10 flights, those that were scheduled in the hours next to my takeoff.

Ah! And when I was going to pass the security filter, I was arrested because when I filled out the prevention form, which is there through an app, a code 19 that indicated that he was a person at risk.

No one knew how to explain why, in theory, only those who have traveled abroad in the last 15 days or been in contact with someone infected should go out as a risk, but none of those were my case. Alone Ivan He gave me an answer that made a little sense, although it did not leave me very calm:

– They do it randomly ma’am.

Overall, they came from the medical service and asked me exactly the same questions that they asked in the questionnaire, they took my temperature and let me pass. So you say oops what filter, really not.

What definitely bothered me and left me very sad was that, no matter how many times the staff repeated that the boarding would be by lines to avoid contact, people forcibly want to get on the plane first and worse still, when descending the pilot clearly said which would be by rows from front to back and of course those from behind ran away as soon as the plane stopped.

I’ve never understood that rush to get off the plane. Well just once #miniplausi He was peeing and I swore we weren’t coming, but that’s another story.

Today, I have been back for a week and a half and still awake in the morning, I swallow and pray that my throat does not hurt. I took all the precautions, but I am aware that I take a risk and that makes me quite nervous. But since I like to see the positive side of things, I already have a home to go to and that gives me a lot of peace of mind, so I’m very happy.

I don’t know what the trips will be like after this, but I think they will stay that way for quite some time, so if you are going to travel take your precautions, your time, and a passionflower pill for your nerves.

And, please, respect the indications, because they help to take care of all of us.

Thank you for reading

#LaPeorMamá By Claudia García ReyesTwitter: @la_peor_mama