Lanús crushes Vélez Sarsfield and is a finalist in the South American Cup

Lanús thrashed this Wednesday 3-0 to Velez Sarsfield in the Argentine semifinal of the South American Cup and qualified with an overall score of 4-0 to the final, in which he waits for the definition of his rival of the cross Defense and Justice before Coquimbo Unido.

With goals from Tomás Belmonte, Nicolás Orsini and Alexandro Bernabei, the garnet team sealed the passport for the final of the continental competition, which will be held on January 23 at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium from the Argentine city of Cordova.

In this way, Lanús will go for his third international conquest after winning the 1996 Conmebol Cup and the 2013 South American Cup, which are added to the four local tournaments of his record (First Division Tournaments 2007 and 2016, Super Cup Argentina 2016 and Bicentennial Cup 2016).

From the beginning of the match, Lanús came out to play with the advantage that he had achieved last Wednesday as a visitor by 0-1 with the goal of the experienced forward Jose Sand.

It was Vélez who had the first option of the meeting with a shot from Ricardo Centurión from the edge of the area that demanded the appearance of the goalkeeper Lautaro morales, great figure of ‘Garnet’ throughout the series.

Thiago Almada and Federico Mancuello They repeated two separate shots from outside the area before the 20th minute to show that despite the territorial dominance of the premises, Vélez could bring danger to the rival area and be excited about leveling the series.

The visit maintained the intensity and through Cristian Tarragona, Pablo Galdames and driving Ricardo Centurion He came close to opening the score, but lack of aim conspired against this target.

Matías Pérez in minute 35 he had the first for Lanús with a header that was cleared by Miguel Brizuela placeholder image.

In minute 40 came the first warning from Cristian Tarragona who, four minutes later, saw the red by the referee Wilton sampaio after a foul on Lautaro acosta.

Just before halftime, Lanús took advantage of this moment and opened the scoreboard at the exit of a corner kick that he anticipated Jose Sand to leave alone Thomas Belmonte to connect to the network.

With this advantage, Lanús started the second half calm and in minute 60 after a projection from the side Brian Aguirre a flush center arrived that found a foretaste of Pedro De la Vega for whatand Nicolás Orsini converted.

Lanús had more options to increase and Vélez, despite having one less player, was very proud of the discount.

But at minute 88 Alexandro Bernabei initiated a counterattack and served a pass to Jose Sand, which then gave a perfect center on the wall for the goal-scorer arrival of the side.

For Velez Sarsfield the consolation will be to define next Saturday the Complementation Cup of the local tournament.