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Unfortunately, the world of new account video streams was mourned, this time with the passing of Lannia “Ohlana”, a player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who shared her gaming sessions on Twitch.

His death occurred on July 6, but until just a few hours ago, his family reported the situation through the streamer’s Instagram accounts, which had recently reached 100,000 followers on his Twitch channel.

Ohlana was just 26 years old when her death was reported. The causes of his death have not been explicitly confirmed, but everything indicates that it was a suicide. The young woman shortly before her death published a message on Twitter that emanated depression.

“Man, every day it becomes more difficult. Depressed people battle to fearfully reach out to those closest to them so that police appear and confine them with force against their will. So they are trapped feeling lonely with their dark thoughts because they do not want to be trapped where they feel worse, « wrote the young woman on July 5 and in her subsequent and last message mentioned that » it is not anyone’s fault. « 

Unfortunately, the Lannia family confirmed through the streamer’s Instagram accounts about her death and together with some emotional words they asked the support of friends and family to raise funds to cover the expenses of her funeral, which will take place in Virginia, British Columbia, Canada.

“We will miss the tears, the laughter, the smiles and all the wonderful memories we share. Times were tough and we hope your pain is finally over. You will always be in our minds and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. Rest in peace ”, expressed the family of Lannia.

At LEVEL UP we wish the friends and family of Lannia “Ohlana” our condolences and a quick resignation. Equally, we wish peace in the rest of Lannia.

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