Lando Norris and the Mercedes engine: “It’s better in every way”

McLaren finalizes the process of transferring the Renault engine to the Mercedes, trusting that the bet will allow it to get even closer to the top positions. Lando Norris claims that the German propellant is better than the French.

While the relationship between McLaren and Renault has been optimal during the three seasons they have been together, there is no doubt that in current Formula 1 the rival to beat in terms of engine (and everything else) is Mercedes.

And the Woking line-up is not satisfied with hunting down a podium from time to time, as it wants to return its name to the top. The agreement with Mercedes is part of this strategy and Lando Norris blesses the decision which in his day took Zak Brown, affirming that the German engine is better in all areas.

“We are confident that the Mercedes engine will take us to the top”

“I think in every way it’s a better set,” says the British rider. “It’s more powerful and, knock on wood, more reliable. It’s a slightly better-fitting package, so globally there are a lot of positives about it ».

In 2020, Mercedes engines obtained 14 of the 17 victories at stake, in addition to all the poles except one and 29 podiums, for only five for Renault. Not surprisingly, therefore, Norris is optimistic about his new technical partner.

“I am not in everything, so I am sure that maybe there are some negative aspects and we have a good relationship with Renault,” he points out, however. “I am sure that there will be things that we have to understand and everything will not turn out as natural as before. Of course the engineers will do a great job in that transition. As a package, it should be much better and that makes us confident that it will take us to the top », concludes.