land and properties up to 40% cheaper than the market value

In times when those with savings seek the more attractive opportunities To invest, online auctions are well positioned within that menu of options.

According to data from the real estate group Adrián Mercado, in the last four years and until 2019, it organized an average of twenty monthly auctions, many of them face-to-face and some virtual. But the coronavirus changed everything: last year they carried out an average of 50 auctions per monthobviously all online. On average, a meeting of this type mobilizes about $ 20 million.

In this auction fever, real estate occupies a privileged place. Today they can be found land and properties up to 40% cheaper relative to market value.

Early next month more than sixty properties will be auctioned, which will be available both in individual lots and in block, located in Greater Buenos Aires, Atlantic Coast, Córdoba, Mendoza and also Uruguay.

« In addition to the opportunity price of the properties, it should be noted that in the case of properties located in Argentina, all the values ​​are in pesos, and in some cases with financing possibilities. You can find lots for construction, fields, land for industrial use and even PHs in a unique opportunity « , they explain on the narvaezbid platform.

In the Cordoba mountains there are 16 lots with bases starting at 245,000 pesos located in the town of Casa Grande, in the Punilla Valley, just 60 kilometers from the provincial capital. It is an open lot, with electrical service and with surfaces ranging from approximately 450 square meters to more than 6,000 m2. You can finance the purchase in up to 12 installments and in pesos.

In the same province, there are 19 lots that are sold as a block, close to the town of Characato.

In Mendoza, a fraction of land of 18 hectares will be sold located in the town of La Primavera, Maipú; just 30 kilometers east of the city of Mendoza. It is about 18 virgin hectares and it is a land suitable for any type of cultivation or enterprise. The place is ideal for subdivision and construction of weekend houses with agricultural / cattle exploitation and there are already developed closed neighborhoods very close to the place.

On the other hand, in Campana, a fraction of more than 10 hectares with a base of 75 million pesos. In the coastal town of Reta there will be lots from 300 square meters and values ​​from 1 million pesos. You will also be able to access three 40-square-meter PH in Las Toninas, from 4 million pesos.

Offer in Uruguay

On the other side of the pond there are also opportunities. There are seven lots distributed in the towns of Maldonado, Rocha and Colonia de Sacramento. Values ​​start at $ 8,000.

There are also two lots in San Vicente that have a privileged location facing the sea, just five minutes from Manantiales.

On the other hand, there is a plot of 1,200 meters in the San Antonio spa (Rocha); located between La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio. Finally, the five lots in Colonia del Sacramento are ideal to take advantage of their easy access and have the most accessible values ​​of the auction.