Lancia resumes its activity with a new model, even if you don’t get excited

The Lancia ‘resurrection’ It has become a matter of state for fans of the Italian firm. This will be possible thanks to the birth of Stellantis, but it will still take some time for new models to be launched. If the rumors are not wrong, It will not be until 2024 that we see a product designed from scratch. Of course, although they present a differential design and quality, they will share technology with Alfa Romeo and the DS gala.

Be that as it may, that Lancia can have a future beyond the Ypsilon and Italy is great news. Especially now that its range is made up of this flirtatious, and veteran, utilitarian. However, according to data from the ACEA, remains strong in its country with accumulated sales so far in 2021 of nothing more and nothing less than 22,782 units. Now, in the meantime, return to the fray with a curious mobility proposal.

Lancia launches in its country, Italy, two electric scooters called Ypsilon e-scooter …

The Urban mobility It is causing a sensation among different car manufacturers. Some, like Honda or Fiat, bet on offering interesting urban electric retro design. Others, such as Seat or Skoda, rely on last-mile means of transport such as “battery-powered” scooters. Well, while those responsible for Lancia agree to configure their future range of models, they are launched to sell their electric scooters.

As announced by the firm, they are called Ypsilon e-scooter and in combination with the Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic, offers a complete solution for sustainable urban mobility. For its development and manufacture they have had the MT Distribution collaboration. Among its technical data, it has an aluminum frame, 8-inch honeycomb wheels, front suspension and LED lights. Thanks to them, it is one of the lightest in its category.

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Regarding its engine, Lancia indicates that it has a brushless impeller 250 W. The capacity of the battery has not been announced, but its autonomy has. According to estimates by its creators, you can move with a single charge up to 18 kilometers. But there is more as the Lancia e-scooter Ypsilon is available in two exclusive colors: Maryne and Gold. In addition, there will be no shortage of customizations born from the collaboration of MT and Lancia with Pininfarina.

However, if you liked this proposal from the Italian firm, we have bad news. At the moment, as is already the case with the Ypsilon, is limited to your native country, Italy. To buy it you will have to go to a concessionaire of the brand or to the retail points designated by them. Its price? 299 euros, in the average of its rivals. And now we ask you, do you think it is good that Lancia is launching to sell this type of mobility solutions?

Many of you may think that it is denigrating the firm, and you could be right. However, we believe that it is worse to be starved to death as it has been up to now. All beginnings are hard and Lancia has to start from scratch, again. Isn’t it better that you start with this and go little by little? We will have to be patient …

Source – Lancia

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