Lana Rhoades reveals what her date has been. Most boring!

Lana Rhoades reveals what her date has been. Most boring! | Instagram

The famous ex actress Lana Rhoades has revealed what has been her most boring date and it turned out to be with an NBA superstar, something that has undoubtedly impressed her followers a lot and has become a trend in the media.

As you can see, Lana Rhoades has made the news again for two reasons, first because at 24 years of age she is pregnant with her first child, and second, because she has released all the details of what she considers the most boring date you have had.

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The funniest thing is that that meeting took place with an NBA star, the Nets to be more specific, and although the also model did not directly release his name, the US press assures that it is Kevin Durant.

The actress assures that the player invited her to watch one of his games and then go out to dinner together, however, that he decided to take another girl to the meeting, a backup option.

The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls. It is not the first time this has happened to me, where I have been invited on a date and also invited to a ‘backup option’. We finished dinner and he went with her. I didn’t care who he went with. The date was really boring and I didn’t care what happened next, “said Lana Rhoades.

Despite this, today she is happier than ever, because a couple of weeks ago she made it known, as we mentioned earlier, that she is waiting for her first child.

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