Lana Rhoades reveals since when she wanted to be an actress

Lana Rhoades reveals since when she wanted to be an actress | Instagram

The beauty actress of adult films, Lana Rhoades, has revealed from what age she wanted to be part of that industry and surely you cannot imagine it, because at that time she was too small to be sure of becoming that.

The former adult film actress shared details about her life in the postcast “Call her daddy,” hosted by entertainer Alexandra Cooper.

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And it is that since Lana left the adult film industry, many regret her decision, however, others instead salute her, since the 24-year-old actress has won something that seemed impossible: to dethrone Mia Khalifa in as far as success and followers are concerned.

In this podcast, she revealed important information about her life, such as that she was sure that she would be a porn actress since the 13 years old.

This is going to sound very, very weird, but I knew I was going to be a star of p0rn0 probably at the age of 13, or maybe 12, “he revealed.

The actress said that when she was a child and grew up in the midst of poverty, she saw that the world of p0rn0 was glamorous and she bet that in this way she could overcome her economic deficiencies.

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It’s just being young and naive and you don’t realize what you have to do to be in that position, “he reflected.