Lampard could become Crystal Palace’s new manager

05/13/2021 at 8:41 PM CEST

Frank Lampard you can see how his stage away from the benches ends this summer.

As reported by the Daily Express, the former Chelsea manager may become the next coach for another London team, Crystal Palace, to replace Roy Hodgson.

In the ‘eagles’ team, a total of 11 players end their contract this June, and the club needs a complete restructuring that the former footballer would lead.

And in this new stage, the game enters, precisely, the Chelsea. Those from Selhurst Park have on their list of favorites some ‘blues’ footballers who are not having a leading role in this final stretch of the season with Tomas Tuchel and, seeing as the continuity of the German is practically assured, they want to start preparing offers.

Lampard would play a key role in the negotiations due to his good relationship with the ‘blues’ managers and with his former footballersTherefore, the Palace considers him a strategic piece in transactions that can be beneficial for both.

One of them is Tammy Abraham. The forward was the leading scorer last season but Tuchel has relegated him to the bench. Lampard already knows him from Derby County and he could be the number one target.

With the departure of Abraham, Chelsea would have a trading card available for a world-class scorer next season. Among the favorites are Erling Haaland and Romelu Lukaku, but both operations seem very complicated.

Another possible way out would be that of the young man Billy gilmour, although Chelsea would not sell him and would only accept the assignment, or possible names such as Kurt zouma or Batshuayi, currently loaned precisely to the Palace.

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