Tecnomar and Lamborghini present the fruit of their first collaboration

The objective, to transfer to the sea the feeling of driving a supercar

The Tecnomar 63 is a luxury yacht created in collaboration with the designers of Lamborghini and inspired by the lines of the Sián FKP 37, which was presented in late 2019 and has established itself as the new reference hypercar in the Sant’Agata house. Bolognese.

The designers and engineers of Lamborghini have collaborated with those of Tecnomar, an Italian company specialized in the production of luxury yachts, to create one that transfers to the world of sailing the feeling of driving one of the sports cars of the Casa del Toro.

The result is the Tecnomar 63, a yacht 19.20 meters long and 5.48 meters wide that promises a top speed of 60 knots -111 kilometers / hour- thanks to a 400 horsepower engine. And that it generously resorts to carbon fiber and Alcantara, like modern sports cars.

The similarities to the Sián FKP 37 are especially visible in the front light cluster and in the cover shapes, which evoke the Italian hypercar. There is also a continuity in the materials so that customers can perceive that they are in an extension of their sports car.

The model owes its name -Technomar 63- to the number of units of the Sián FKP 37 that will be produced, which are a maximum of 63. It has not yet transpired how much it will cost, although it is difficult to think that as many as in the case of the hypercar will be manufactured. considering that Tecnomar has delivered 289 units since 1987.

“This yacht not only represents a futuristic icon, but also represents the values ​​of excellence in design and high performance,” said the head of the firm at the presentation of the model, which was attended by the vice president of Lamborghini.

“When I met with the President of Lamborghini, Stefano Domenicali, the attunement was immediate. We agreed to collaborate with four hands in the creation of this wonderful project. The objective was to transfer to a yacht the emotion and the feeling of driving a Lamborghini”.

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