Lambda García decides to adopt with her partner Luja Duhart | Instagram

The couple is undoubtedly happier than ever and the driver Lambda García shared the incredible news on their social networks, as they have decided to take a big step and adopt Finally.

Happiness abounds in the life of the also actor, so he has made a great decision that will change his life and that of his partner, since they have decided adopt a little kitten they found abandoned on the streets.

It was through their social networks that the couple shared several videos where they publicly showed the new member of the family.

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Lambda commented that as soon as they saw the kitten on the street he immediately stole their hearts, so they decided to take her home.

Duhart noted that Lambda is a cat charmer, since he commented that since the kitten saw García she no longer wanted to separate from him.

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The couple has shared several stories where show how they take care of herbathed her and even let her followers know that she derailed and they took away the fleas that he had.

He Name that they decided to give it is quite peculiar, because having been found in a flower pot They wanted to give it the same name, in honor of that place.

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It should be mentioned that although both will take care of the kitten, Luja will be the one who has her at home since Lambda has another cat.

So both actors managed to make their good deed of the day By giving a sweet kitten a sweet home, they will certainly give him a lot of love.

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It was a few days ago that the news of his new romance with the former participant of The voice, The young Luis Javier Duhart, known as Luja.

He was selected to be part of the second season where he had the opportunity to be in Miguel Bosé’s team.

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Once the program ended, the Mexican actor He participated in the play Vaseline, where he played the character of Memo Montes and has even more projects on the doorstep.