Lalo Martínez, a Mexican knockout with export quality

Capital striker Eduardo Martínez, unbeaten in pay boxing after his successful stint with the Mexican national team, is on the warpath to return to the ring as soon as possible and continue to climb the world rankings with other convincing performances.

Martínez, 20 years old, and with a degree in Sports Training, adds to date 6 victories, with five of them by way of knockout, unequivocal proof of the high power of the dynamite that is in his knuckles.

Eduardo, exclusive fighter of Promociones del Pueblo, a company directed by Oswaldo Küchle, is one of the most outstanding athletes in the Xochimilco Mayor’s Office, where he has lived all his life and where under the teachings of his father Jesús Martínez and professor Rogelio Romero, he achieved develop the talent for the fistiana that has led him to represent Mexico internationally.

The fearsome left-hander, who in just a few months of his career has made it clear that he is a very dangerous rival, since in all his participations he has been successful and only in one of them did he need to listen to the scores of the three judges to score a new success in your service record.

Multiple medalist in the National Olympiad, he held his last two commitments in 2020, with an extremely positive balance for the disciple of the Olympic medalists Agustín Zaragoza and Juan Paredes during his time at the Centro Nacional de Alto Rendiemento (CNAR).