Javier Thebes has confirmed at the Club Assembly held this Thursday the dates of the competition’s return calendar, unless there were any setbacks, and which we already have in the SPORT newspaper. The intention is that the League will start on June 11 with the Seville derby between Betis and Sevilla. That day the postponed meeting between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete would also take place..


Act at 17:13


From that date they will play continuously every day of the week until July 19 when the maximum competition would end. The League will also have two weekdays for the games (19:30 and 21:30 or 22:00), while on the weekend a third would be added at 17:30. Schedule that in the event that on the forecast days, around five, the initial forecast of temperatures were modified by a heat wave, the schedule of the same would be changed.

Hours that are the competence of Laliga. Despite the fact that this Thursday we have heard the ruling of the administrative litigation recognizing the hours in the summer period to the RFEF after a negative report from the CSD; it is effective as long as the coordination agreement signed by both parties (RFEF-Liga) last summer gives employers the post-season to set the hours for the next five years.

Neither has been spoken nothing about the sentence on Friday and Monday, since the RFEF has allowed to play by summoning the future, and once this situation passes, to negotiations. From LaLiga they understand that the sentence has many errors and they will appeal.


In fact, this afternoon a meeting is scheduled between the RFEF and LaLiga where this calendar of official competitions will be sent to you. For this, and except for changes conditioned by the health situation, this is already effective in the absence of a meeting also pending with AFE. In fact, the safest thing will be next Sunday when Javier Tebas announces the first four days.

Parties where work is also being done on a tribute to the victims and all the people who have worked to fight the coronavirus. Among them is a virtual applause that would take place in the 20th minute of all matches. The meeting never stops.

In addition, it has already been approved by SPORT as for the meeting audio. Spectators will be able to choose the original audio on their television as well as another historical one from the stadium where the fans are listened to.

In addition, the Assembly has approved a modification of the economic control and budget of the clubs as a consequence of this special situation and the impact it is having from the point of view of box office, television, commercial exploitation, etc.