LaLiga | Tebas insists: “PSG cheats, Madrid is the one that manages the best”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, compared the current situations of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain and he opined that the latter cheat with economic control.

Madrid can never be PSG because PSG cheats in economic control. He currently has a salary expense close to 600 million euros when he has a league where audiovisual rights have fallen by 40%, “he said.” It is impossible that in PSG its sponsors are 30% more than United’s average income , Real Madrid, Barcelona … it is absolutely impossible. Real Madrid will not be PSG because it does not enter the cheating game and it is not a state club. That is one of the problems we have in European football, “he added.

In that sense, Tebas, who attended the presentation of an agreement of the body that he directs with Burger King, referred to the non-arrival of Kylian Mbappé to the white team: “It annoyed me that Mbappé did not arrive as it annoys me that Messi or Neymar are not there. with us. Or Mourinho and Guardiola training. We would like to have the best in LaLiga. “

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“Hopefully it will be for the next time. I think that this year between Ansu Fati and Vinicius we are going to have a good time and we will say that the young people are with us,” he also pointed to questions from the media.

Who has changed the scene is the Argentine Lionel messi: “We are not going to give it more laps. Messi is not here. LaLiga has to keep working and Barcelona has to keep competing to try to achieve the sporting goals.”

He also wanted to turn off the voices of alarm on the Barcelona team: “Barcelona is not the ruin that is said. The economic ratio of Barcelona, ​​80% of the teams in Europe have it worse. It will get ahead, it has a high debt ratio but it has a lot of income to be able to get out if it structures the debt”.

The team fell yesterday against Bayern in the Champions League and Sevilla drew against RB Leipzig: “We have played two games. There is a long time left and the situation in LaLiga does not depend on one result or two. The Premier went eight years without winning the Champions League and it was when he grew the most “.

On the other hand it showed optimistic facing the full of 100% in stadiums and he spoke about television rights: “Between October 22 and November 22 the tender offers will be received and we will know who the winners of the different lots are.”

“There is little we can say to the operators. What we are looking for is that the distribution of football is greater than it has been up to now. We are trying to get companies to attend the new contest that can distribute among all so that football reaches a larger population. And that will surely affect on the subject of prices, “he added.

The league

Joao Félix unleashes optimism: “My game is coming back”


The league

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