LaLiga: Luis Suárez will not be in front of Messi

The big game of the week, that Atlético-Barça that we are all waiting impatiently for tomorrow, has suffered a serious casualty due to Covid-19: Luis Suárez. His presence was essential both for strictly football reasons and for the inevitable curiosity that would have produced seeing him face to face before his until recently, especially before his soul friend, Messi. But he, like his partner Torreira, come back infected after these days with his team. Days to which a distinguished photo of the group of selected Charruas belongs, gathered in fraternal love and company, enjoying their mates and a barbecue.

There is no reason to rule that the contagion occurred at that scene. It could be at any time. And it is not a matter of Uruguay, it is a matter of everyone. In national teams the bubble is less careful than in clubs, or it does not exist at all. We have already seen Mbappé and Cristiano get infected on trips with their national team. In the national teams it is a tradition of always that the discipline relaxes somewhat, apart from the fact that players from different leagues are mixed, there are less careful plane trips, the hotel receives visits from relatives or old comrades. Every FIFA court is an opportunity for the coronavirus to assault football.

A shame about Luis Suárez. Not recently Simeone explained that his arrival has changed the team’s game, because “you have to feed him higher”. The fans celebrated this new Atlético, more attacking, as had been demanded. Great news just now that LaLiga has become the one with the fewest goals of the big five due to a sum of causes among which is the number of coaches who have followed the old Simeone line: waiting and punishing the other’s mistake. Twenty years ago, the matches between Atlético and Barça came loaded with goals. They represented the abolition of the blackboard. The one on Saturday I expected like that, but I don’t know anymore …