LaLiga Fantasy Marca: A Premier player competing in LaLiga Fantasy BRAND

It is the signing of the summer in the official Fantasy of LaLiga. An active professional player, of the highest category, who compete to be the teacher of teachers. Last season he was already in the top 25 of the Top 100 manager. In the video we tell you all the details:

A future rival for any user because, unlike last season, ‘The Best Fantasy’ is now an open competition, to which it will be possible to be promoted through the new system of divisions, devised by the friends of Grada Diez. We will be very attentive to the league of extraordinary managers!

Enter and start living the excitement of the season 21/22 of LaLiga. Compete with your friends and join thousands of users on the game’s official Facebook and on our twitter @FantasyLaLiga !. Stay informed of all the news on social networks with the hashtag #LaLigaSeJuegaEnFantasy.

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