LaLiga exonerates Cala as there is no evidence of the alleged racist insult to Diakhaby

Everything points to what The league will end the case Diakhaby-Cala after finding no obvious evidence that the Cádiz player uttered racist insults at his Valencia rival.

The league has thoroughly investigated the videos and audios of the match between Cádiz and Valencia, in which Diakhaby denounced a racist insult by Juan Cala, who allegedly told him “he denied the shit.” Nevertheless there is no evidence that it was so.

Several specialized companies cleaned the ambient sound of the audios and performed a lip reading to Cala without encountering the alleged insult of the Cadiz center. The only clear words that are collected in the reports of these companies are “shit”, “leave me alone” and “sorry, do not be pissed off.” These reports should be made public in the next few hours.