LaLiga | Espanyol faces a new possible positive in COVID-19

It will be, as it happens in society and in life itself, the never ending story. At least until a vaccine comes out. In the middle of the afternoon this Monday, Espanyol announced the suspicion of a new positive for COVID-19 within its squad. The umpteenth case, if it ends up being confirmed, in a month that is being especially bumpy in that sense.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

As reported by the parakeet club, the possible positive was detected in the round of rapid antigen tests to which the squad was submitted in the morning, before training, at the Dani Jarque Sports City. Not only has the suspected case been isolated, but also one of his two direct contacts, since the other already has antibodies. The forecast was to realize this member of the Espanyol team an afternoon PCR to rule out or confirm your diagnosis.

It should be remembered that just three weeks ago, before traveling to Tenerife, three possible positives were detected also after submitting the entire template to antigen tests, but they all ended up being fake. Just a little while longer on October 7, there were two cases detected by rapid tests, which at the moment of truth turned out to be only one, Adrián Embarba.