LaLiga differences between the ‘Zozulia and Diakhaby Case’

On December 15, 2019, a match was stopped in Vallecas after “Zozulia puto nazi” was sung to the Ukrainian soccer player in the Vallecas stands. The referee decided to send the two teams to the locker room and after these words were repeated, it was suspended until a new date was decreed for the duel. Interestingly, the duel that began at 9:00 p.m. ended with LaLiga making a statement at 9:56 p.m. That is to say, less than an hour since the game began until the words of the Spanish football organization. Curiously, the Cádiz-Valencia started at 18:30 and around the 30th minute the match was called off after the Valencia players left for the locker room after a racist insult from Juan Cala to Diakhaby. And at the moment there is no sign of LaLiga, nor of communications.

To put in context. Half the world has already seen how Diakhaby went straight to Juan Cala after the latter told him, according to Paulista, “black shit.” A full-fledged racist insult that had a quick reaction and that is that the French footballer was completely out of his mind – logical – after some reportable words and that they should not occur on a pitch. For this reason, Paulista and Gayà accompanied, like the rest of the footballers, Diakhaby towards the dressing room tunnel while Cala looked at the situation with a serious face. But LaLiga has not yet ruled during that moment in which the duel was suspended.

Once the squad retired to the locker room, the team was clear that they did not want to go out and play the rest of the match and less with Cala on the pitch, but Valencia was threatened with a sanction and loss of points, something that caused Diakhaby asked his companions to continue the duel. Of course, the French, the victim, saw the rest of the duel from the stands after a very sad situation while Cala played until the break. Once the game has concluded, Gayà has assured that he trusts the word of his partner, Gracia and Cervera have also finished the press conference and other footballers have shown their support for the center on social networks.

And although there have already been many protagonists who have spoken on the subject, even if only on social networks in some cases, LaLiga remains oblivious to everything that happened. Neither on its website nor on social networks does anything related to the subject appear. Of course, with Zozulia it took less than half an hour from the controversy to the publication of the statement.