Yesterday afternoon the CSD, after its meeting with the group of initiatives, announced that from next Monday, May 4 you can return professional activity, both soccer and basketball.


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Ramon Fuentes

In the same document he made reference to the diagnostic tests for the detection of Covid-19, where the CSD transmitted to those present that the medical services of the professional league clubs, and always speaking in the context of Phase 0 of the de-escalation plan , they may do so in accordance with the ministerial order SND / 344/2020 of April 13 issued for this purpose by the Ministry of Health. It should be remembered in this regard that during this phase the training will be, in any case, basic or individual. A ministerial order that establishes that massive tests should be avoided and that these tests should only be carried out when there are indications of possible contagion or that they have lived with relatives who may have been infected.

A decision that will be determined by the doctors of the professional clubs according to the medical check-up that all the players must carry out before the start of this phase 0 of de-escalation and phase one of the protocol drawn up by the League.

As the SPORT LaLiga newspaper has learned, within the certain of the CSD boot, does not see any inconvenience in the need for a medical prescription to carry out these tests on all professional soccer players according to the own protocol of the League and 48 hours before the start of training. In fact, in the LaLiga Delegate Commission held yesterday afternoon, nothing was said to contradict the roadmap set by the League that consists of starting these medical check-ups next Tuesday and Wednesday to be able to start solo training from Thursday or Friday of next week.

Initially they were also pending the ministerial order where the return to activity is collected. Ministerial Order published late last night and where nothing refers to professional sports, then the one previously mentioned on April 13 continues in this field.

At the moment the clubs have received nothing about a change in the initial roadmap to start the tests at the beginning of next week as a prerequisite to start these solo trainings. It is true that, as confirmed by SPORT, the clubs have not yet received the specific date of the tests that are already in the possession of the clubs, but that must conduct the laboratory contracted by the League.

It is not ruled out even so that, as it is a solo training, the League does the medical check-ups to all the Players and only in the precepts of the ministerial order of April 13, they carry out these tests on people at risk. Leaving for the next few weeks and before phase 1 of de-escalation and phase 2 of the League protocol that already establishes training in three groups of eight, when they are done to all the rest since then the risks of contagion are increased. TOSuch a thing is conditioned to how the pandemic evolves in our country.