The mystery of the future of veteran center Dwight Howard with the Los Angeles Lakers remains unresolved. facing the restart of the regular season, although the Los Angeles team anda confirmed this Wednesday that he will not seek a replacement.

07/02/2020 at 09:20


The Lakers coach, Frank Vogel was the one who announced the team’s decision, He has already hired veteran shooting guard JR Smith, a friend of forward LeBron James and a former teammate with the Cleveland Cavaliers, to fill the role of Avery Bradley, who will not be with the team in the Orlando « bubble » for family reasons.

Vogel, who hosted a video conference with journalists before the Lakers’ « pre » training camp began Composed of individual sessions and then traveling to Orlando starting next week, he reiterated the team’s commitment to Howard.

« Howard wants to play »

« We have been in communication with Dwight (Howard) the entire time with support phone calls and text messages, » Vogel reported. « We still don’t know what the level of participation will be. He wants to play. We hope he can join us. »

Howard He is currently with his family in Georgia, where he is serving NBA quarantine. and the required testing protocol of all players participating in Orlando.

David, Howard’s 6-year-old son, is in his care. David’s mother, Melissa Ríos, died of an epileptic attack on March 27 at her home in Calabasas (California).

Howard not only juggles his responsibilities as a parent in preparation for the season finale, but has also been deeply affected by the death of George Floyd and the social protest that has erupted across the country, according to the agent. All-Star center Charles Briscoe.

« Basketball, or the entertainment period is not necessary at the moment and it will just be a distraction, « said Howard, last month, in a statement issued to CNN through Briscoe.

The Lakers work with Howard

Vice president of basketball operations and Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka told reporters this week that the team is working with Howard., Briscoe, the NBA and the National Association of Basketball Players on how to find a viable path in the case of the three-time Defensive of the Year winner and his presence in Orlando.

The 22 teams that participated in the restart were to submit to the league their roster of 36-person travel groups, including their roster of up to 17 players, by Wednesday. Vogel stressed that « we have no intention » of keeping Howard off the Lakers’ roster.

« He has a mitigating circumstance where he’s working with the league in terms of how it will ultimately be, » Vogel said. « But we remain hopeful and optimistic that Howarl will eventually be with us in Orlando. »

Howard, 34, 16 as an NBA professional, He began his career in 2004 with the Orlando Magic, with whom he played eight seasons. and took them once to the Finals (2009), which lost 4-1 to the Lakers, a team that later achieved its services after completing a transfer, in 2012