Victory of Los Angeles Lakers before Los Angeles Clippers 106-104 in a duel marked by the lack of rhythm of the two teams, a large number of losses and fouls and, above all, a lot of emotion. Decided Lebron James with an action in the last moments. Anthony Davis It was spectacular.

Despite the casualties of Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell, the Clippers were as competitive as ever and fought for victory until the last second of the duel.

The match was even until the last bars of the last quarter. The Lakers managed to overcome the ten point advantage after several consecutive triples of Waiters, LeBron and Kuzma that seemed that, about three minutes from the end of the duel, they left the thing sentenced.

However, a great Paul George came top and managed to get the Clippers in at the last minute with the match matched. This is where the time came for LeBron James, very misguided in the shot throughout the match (6 of 19), but who was able to score the last two shots of his team.

The last basket, twelve seconds from the end, was of pure strength. He rushed with a misplaced shot that spat out the hoop, but caught his own rebound and scored. The Clippers had a ball to win, but didn’t take advantage of it. Kawhi Leonard had a penetration to tie, but decided to force the play, give it to a PG who was in a bad position (he had just got the last three from his team) and who ended up missing the triple final.

This win closes the fight for first place in the West and allows the Lakers to continue dreaming of snatching the best record in the league from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Anthony Davis was the game’s leading scorer with 34 points. LeBron finished with 16 + 11 + 7. Kyle Kuzma contributed 16 points and Dion Waiters, who seems ahead of JR Smith in the rotation at the moment, went up to 11.

In the Clippers, Paul George’s 30 points and Kawhi Leonard’s 28 did not help.