Laisha Wilkins another Mexican who presumes her vaccination in the US to criticize Mexico

Laisha wilkins, actress and host, shared that already He received the coronavirus vaccine, however, he regretted that in Mexico it has not been possible to vaccinate.

Although the actress is 44 years old, she received immunization against Covid-19 after traveling to the United States and after publishing this event on his social networks, he took advantage of this opportunity to point out their disappointment at not being able to apply the drug in their native country.

“I did not travel on vacation, it was for health. I have been locked up for a year, alone at work, without seeing almost anyone, without socializing, or traveling. It is sad to have to look in another country for what they cannot do in yours“, He expressed on his Twitter account.

Given this, Laisha She said grateful for having the resources to receive protection against the virus in another country: “I appreciate having the means to do it and arriving undefeated to the inoculation,” he concluded.

On the other hand, under the same tweet she added the bad experience she had on the flight that took her to the North American country, calling her system to protect passengers “fatal”.

“Hey, Volaris, it’s fatal that you sell chips and alcohol during a flight of less than two hours. They spend it sucking without a mask and your crew answers that passengers are not obliged if they are consuming… that is how they spent the entire flight without protection, ”he said.

Wilkins is one of the people within the Mexican celebrity who have traveled to our country to be vaccinated. Let’s remember the case of Juan Jose Origel, without a doubt, the most controversial, when an image published on his Twitter triggered criticism from Internet users, but especially from Latino residents in the United States who assured that getting an appointment to be immunized was not easy and regretted that a foreigner managed to get vaccinated earlier, thanks to its purchasing power and its influences.

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