“Laia Sanz has been very good in her debut on four wheels”

04/04/2021 at 3:32 PM CEST

The Spanish Carlos Sainz He accepted fourth place in the Desert X Prix that this weekend opened the new ‘Extreme E’ championship, for electric-powered off-road vehicles, and in which he shared a team with his compatriot Laia sanz.

The queen of the Dakar in the motorcycle category made the leap to cars to join Carlos Sainz in the Acciona Sainz XE team. Together they reached the semi-final but could not compete for outright victory in Saudi Arabia as they finished third in that round. “The semifinal was as tight and competitive as we expected. It was the first stationary start and we knew that everything would depend on who was in front when we reached the first corner. With the wind and poor visibility we had to leave a few fifteen or twenty seconds between each car, “explained Carlos Sainz.

Despite not fighting for the victory, Sainz was happy with the result: “We have played our cards. We have made a great start, but we have given ourselves a little touch with Loeb and there he and Kristofferson have passed us. little disappointed to be left out, but we are also happy and satisfied with the role we have played, “he said.

The Madrid native also publicly acknowledged the work performed by Laia Sanz at the wheel of the Odyssey 21. “It was very good in his debut on four wheels in competition. It has come a long way. I am sure he would have liked to do more kilometers on the car, but I am convinced that Laia will continue to improve in each race and adapt better and better to all four wheels. You have to do all the kilometers you can on any vehicle that has four wheels, “he said.

The Catalan, who completed the second half of the race, said: “Today things did not go the way we wanted. The dust in suspension played too important a role and it was a matter of seeing who could be in front after passing the first two corners. There we had a little contact and we were third and from then on it was impossible to do anything more than finish the race and hope that one of the other two cars would have problems “.

Laia Sanz is convinced that she will continue to improve and achieve good results: “I am left with the positive part of this X Prix, that since the first time I got into the car my progress has been good and the differences have been smaller. I have improved and we have done more kilometers with the car, so that we have all learned for the next race, the Ocean X Prix. There are still about two months left, but I will take advantage of this time to roll and prepare as best as possible. It would be great to reach the final in Senegal, “he wished.

In the Desert X Prix, held in the Saudi desert of Al-Ula, the Acciona Sainz XE team occupies the fourth position of the championship of Extreme E with 26 points. The next race will be the Ocean X Prix, scheduled for May 29 and 30 at the Pink Lake in Dakar, Senegal. Until then, the team has almost two months to analyze the Saudi Arabia event in detail and thus return stronger in the second round of the championship.

“On a technical level, this first weekend has already shed light on some things about the car that we can work on before the next race. And on a sporting level, we will have to adapt to each type of terrain that we encounter. The next race is in Senegal and until then it will be impossible to know what the circuit is like, but I am convinced that we will get better and better. There is a lot of talent in this championship and it will be a very close fight“, indicated Carlos Sainz.