This Tuesday, May 26, LAFC, the MLS team in which Mexican soccer player Carlos Vela is active, announced that, due to its restructuring plan, the stadium that has seen the professional games of the Los Angeles team for two years, the Banc of California will no longer be called this way, reason why the bank will renounce the name rights of the sports venue.

Although the team decided to release this news this day, it did not set a definitive date on when the stadium will no longer be called this way and nor did it impose a term for the selection of a new partner to acquire the rights to the name.

“We are very proud of our relationship with this bank and all that we have built and accomplished together. We thank you for being our founding name rights partner, helping us create something special and making this stadium one of the best sports and entertainment experiences in Los Angeles. “, said LAFC President Tom Penn.

Although the name of the stadium will no longer belong to Banc of California, the team made it clear that it will not break its relations with the bank, as they will continue to work together on other joint projects.

“We are totally excited and committed to continue working with Banc of California in our joint community initiatives as we look for a new name rights partner for the stadium, “said Penn.

LAFC wants the title

The Los Angeles team is preparing to resume the 25th Major League Soccer tournament after it had to be suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. For now, Carlos Vela, captain of the Los Angeles team, has made it clear that the goal is to obtain the tournament title for both the team and the fans.