Laetitia Casta ignites the Web with a new snapshot of her, posted on her Instagram account. She appears there lying in a very transparent outfit … Sexy! Laetitia Casta is not afraid to reveal herself and show off her magnificent forms in fashion shoots. So she already dared the transparent bra with trendy jewelry, she also wears very well the openwork dress that reveals its beautiful silhouette or a totally improbable look made up of two pieces of XXL tailors. Everything goes to the talented top model: Laetitia Casta displayed in vintage mini-shorts but also in transparent and low-cut dress. The beautiful brunette knows how to show off, and that also counts for its beauty. Indeed, Laetitia Casta is at the top of the hair trend of the moment thanks to her long square. Sometimes she leaves it smooth, or she adds a canon wavy effect. In her latest photos, we can see that she has let her hair grow out. She has now succumbed to the mid-length hair trend, and it suits him very well!

Laetitia Casta sexy: she dares a glamorous outfit all in transparency

Here, Laetitia Casta published a photo from an artistic shoot. She is lying on her back and the ground is blue, as if she were at the bottom of a swimming pool. The bubbly brunette wears a ultra-transparent black shirt-style dress, which only hides the bare essentials. It is Laetitia Casta who covers her chest with her arms, covered with long leather gloves. The shot is ultra-sexy, but still artistic and elegant! This fashion shoot was organized by the house of Valentino, as she explains in her caption: “Thank you so much for letting me be part of this amazing project” Empathy “@maisonvalentino”, in French: “Merci infiniment de m ‘have made it possible to be part of this incredible project “Empathy” “.
Her fans are all won over by so much beauty and style: “Magical”, “Splendid”, “Wonderful”, “Sublime as usual” … They all support their favorite top model. Do you like its original look?

>>> Discover Laetitia Casta, sexy and glamorous in transparent outfit

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