Gisèle Halimi died on July 28. Laeticia Hallyday is very sad and she wanted to pay tribute to him on Instagram.

On July 28, Gisèle Halimi died at the age of 93. His death shook the world since Gisèle has dedicated her whole life to the cause of women. Indeed, in addition to being a lawyer, she has launched many actions.

In 1960, Gisèle defended Djamila Boupacha, a young Algerian who was tortured and raped by French soldiers. Since then, Gisèle has defended many difficult cases and she had created the Women’s Democratic Movement.

In addition to this, the lawyer fought for the right to abortion and it has inspired many people. As a result, many women regret her death because she marked history forever.

Thus, Laeticia Hallyday could not remain unmoved by the death of Gisèle. The star therefore made a very nice tribute on the social network.

Laeticia Hallyday touched by the death of Gisèle Halimi

Laeticia Hallyday is in vacation for several weeks in the South. The star has seen many loved ones including her father and she seems to be in great shape. Then, she also takes advantage of her holidays in Saint Barth with Pascal Balland.

However, Jade and Joy’s mother took the time to speak after the death of Gisèle Halimi. She admits to being touched by this loss and she made a very nice tribute on Instagram.

“Goodbye Madam, all the women say thank you” she wrote after revealing a nice quote. Then, Laeticia Hallyday also shared a small audio extract of her fights and Gisèle seems to have inspired her a lot.

Laeticia Hallyday seems therefore very sad by the death of Gisèle. However, like many, she will not be able to forget her many struggles for women’s rights.

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