In Story of her Instagram account, Laeticia Hallyday shared a photo where she made a beautiful declaration of love to her little sister!

This Thursday, July 30, Laeticia Hallyday posted a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that she melted her fans. She made a beautiful declaration to his little sister.

On her Instagram photo, Laeticia Hallyday appears with Johnny Hallyday. The latter was holding a little girl in his arms. This is the sister of the pretty blonde. At that time she was still just a child.

This shot of Laeticia Hallyday did not fail to surprise the Web. It must be said that she hardly ever talks about her sister, Margaux. Some were totally unaware of its existence.

With her snapshot, Jade and Joy’s mom also left an adorable message. The latter also showed his fans that she seemed really very close to her sister. And this, despite its discretion over their relationship.

Laeticia Hallyday unveils a nice message of love to her little sister Margaux

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Laeticia Hallyday also wrote: “Happy birthday my love of sister. It’s amazing that you are 25 today. You are the nicest sister ”.

Laeticia Hallyday also added: “And you have the most unique way of looking at the world and of expressing yourself. I couldn’t be more proud of you in every way. You achieve everything you decided to do“.

The mom also said: “You never give up. You are very talented. And you are my sister. Hope you never stop saying goodbye to me when you enter the next room. I love you “.

For her part, Laeticia Hallyday’s little sister has also reposted her photos. In the caption of this lovely message, she also left many red hearts. The young woman seems really very touched by this adorable message.

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