This Sunday, September 13, Mathilde Balland blew out her thirteenth candle. On this occasion, Laeticia Hallyday wanted to share an adorable message to the daughter of the one who now shares his life.

During the month of August, Laeticia Hallyday and Pascal Balland took advantage of a vacation in Saint-Barthélémy. Obviously, the two lovebirds had a sweet stay, they who even offered themselves an underwater outing to discover the hidden beauty of the sea. So little time before everything did not seem really rosy between the lovers, now it seems that the Hallyday-Balland family breathes love. And precisely this Sunday, September 13, Mathilde Balland, Pascal Balland’s daughter, was celebrating its fifteenth birthday. An important day that his mother-in-law Laeticia Hallyday underlined, by sharing an adorable publication on her social networks.

During the day, Laeticia Hallyday grabbed her mobile phone, and posted a photo on which we see him her with her two daughters Jade and Joy as well as Mathilde Balland. The four of them are seated at a table in a restaurant, enjoying drinks. The widow of Taulier smiles in front of the camera, while the three teenage girls also smile and make faces. In legend, Laeticia Hallyday wrote a touching text for her stepdaughter: “My Mathildou. Happy 15! Happy and bright birthday my darling“, she wrote, before concluding with an adorable sentence:”Continue to shine so beautifully, to enlighten us with your smile, your kindness, and your generosity. We love you, happy birthday.“There is no doubt that this beautiful attention must have warmed the heart of Mathilde Balland.

A nice surprise for Johnny fans

The next day, Laeticia Hallyday created a surprise for all Taulier fans ! The 45-year-old mother took to her Instagram account again, and this time announced a news about music! On October 23, rock fans will have the pleasure of getting their hands on a brand new tribute box to Johnny Hallyday. “I am so proud and happy to bring you Johnny’s Ultimate American Adventures“, wrote Laeticia Hallyday in the caption of a video. This is a collection of highlights bringing together” her last road trip with her brothers, a new concert at the Beacon Theater in New York, a blues song never before heard , an immersion in images of his American tour and other surprises. “In this famous box set available for pre-order, fans will discover”a considerable work which reflects the memory of [son] man and his unconditional love for America, his source of inspiration.“A gift box to offer or to offer yourself, ideal for embarking in the intimacy of Taulier.

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