Lady Gaga in fight against contingency raises 35 million, summons J Balvin and Maluma | Instagram

Lady Gaga She has set out to be a heroine in the fight to fight the coronavirus and together with the charity Global Citizen they raised 35 millions of dollars in the fight against the pandemic.

Similarly their efforts They do not stop there since he also intends to launch a television special himself that will have guests such as Paul McCartney, J Balvin, Maluma and Billie Eilish.

Recently, Gaga reported that the money was raised in seven days and will benefit the World Health Organization.

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Pop star and Global Citizen They also announced the television event “One World: Together At Home”, to support measures against the coronavirus.

This special would air as of April 18 at 8:00 PM EST on ABC, NBC, CBS, iHeartMedia and the networks. Bell Media.

It should be mentioned that it can also be seen on YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

“I would like to reiterate our deep gratitude to the medical community. It hurts and moves me a lot those paramedics, doctors and nurses who are sleeping in their cars to make sure they do not infect their relatives or patients. What they are doing is putting themselves at risk to help the world and we all recognize them, “he said. Gaga at a press conference on Monday.

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The guests of Gaga They include Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, David Beckham, John Legend, Eddie Vedder, Kerry Washington, Chris Martin of Coldplay, and Lizzo. Actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba, who tested positive for coronavirus, will also participate.

Also, the interpreter of “Poker face“and many other successes noted that the amount raised will help to get much-needed medical equipment for health workers, improve laboratories, research and development of possible drugs and vaccines for the coronavirus.

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In the same way, the singer highlighted that she plans to get more money, but pointed out the television special is not to raise funds

Put your wallets away … sit back and enjoy the show that you all deserve.

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A special performance by the hand of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel who will be the hosts of “One World: Together At Home” who will pay tribute to those affected by the virus as well as celebrating health workers who directly combat the condition.