Lady Di’s best friend breaks the silence and reveals the culprit

Lady Di's best friend breaks the silence and reveals the culprit (AFP)

Lady Di’s best friend breaks the silence and reveals the culprit | .

Diana of Wales is part of a memory that causes great regret and 23 years after her departure, the desire to know what happened that fatal night when her life ended under a bridge in Paris still remains fervent, one of her best friends speaks in this regard and points to the alleged culprit.

Although the memory of the “Wale’s princess“He has remained for years since his departure that August 31, 1997, in recent years details have been revealed that until now were unknown about his life as well as the time in which he belonged to royalty.

In the midst of these new revelations the name of Tina Brown, one of those who were the best friends of “Lady Diana “ who after several years dares to point out who would be responsible for the events that took his life.

According to the new testimony of Tina, who is presumed to be a best friend of Diana of Wales and former editor of Vanity Fair, what happened that night with the royal was not a product of fate or chance for her if there is a “culprit” and the same reveals it.

Whoever was one of the people close to “Lady Di” recalls a couple of interviews that were conducted with Diana after their separation, through them, the ex-wife of Charles of Wales, Future heir to the throne of England, addresses strong details of his life, his marriage and especially of royalty.

It should be remembered that Diana Spencer was married to Prince Charles, the son of the Queen Isabel II and Philippe of Edinburgh on July 29, 1981 which gave her the title as “Princess of Wales”, and it was expected that one day she would become queen, however, the divorce in the couple came inevitably after the talk held by the mother of princes William and Harry where she fully exposed the prince.

At that moment, “Gave“she became the worst enemy of the monarchy,” there would be nothing worse than a former member of the royal family with a story to tell, “Diana herself pointed out.

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Now Tina would have launched a strong and direct accusation against that chain who supposedly would point out “guilty of the incident.”

The controversial interview would have been secretly recorded and was released by this same network in 1995, an important moment in which Diana felt she spoke in the most honest way about everything that was her life before and after Carlos, something that it also precipitated his separation from the son of Queen Elizabeth with whom he claimed to have lived a “hell”, a phrase that has been reproduced in other supposed confessions of the royal.

But for Brown, this interview was the one that also marked the end of his days since, according to the talk that Diana had with this network, “had serious consequences for her.”

This after the interviewer showed alleged evidence that at that time pointed to the personal service of the aristocracy of allegedly leaking information about the life of Diana of Wales.

After this encounter in which the Princess of Wales revealed so much sensitive information, she flatly refused to receive protection from her officers and then the fatal events occurred in which she lost her life at age 36.

She was left at the mercy of an off-duty drunk driver. If she had had a royal officer, Diana of Wales would be alive. None of this would have happened, Tina Brown confirmed.

They recently reported that the chain itself has initiated an investigation into the case and to determine the veracity of the evidence presented during the controversial talk.

On the other hand, even the case of Diana of Wales has been the subject of several investigations since there is much mystery surrounding the catastrophic vehicular accident that occurred under the “Almá Bridge” in Paris.

The interview with Diana of Wales had serious consequences on her, says a very close friend of the aristocrat. .

The Crown series revives memory of Diana

Everything seems to indicate that the launch of the series The Crown he has come to remove all the memories of Lady Diana and her time as royalty.

Diana marked an entire era and now more than ever her memory is present with her appearance in the Netflix series, which this Sunday, November 15, presented its fourth installment with two of the most important characters, Margaret Tatcher and particularly Diana of Wales.

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Played by actress Emma Corrin who has managed to impress with her great resemblance to the late “Princess of Wales”.