Lady Diana with a rebellious spirit challenged Queen Elizabeth on several occasions | Instagram

Lady Diana She was noted for her sweet, funny character, and that conquered the hearts of everyone, despite the fact that her mother-in-law, the Queen Isabel think otherwise.

Diana of Wales he had a side where he was kind, loving and smiling for others, but he also had a side Warrior in which he did not allow himself to try to impose his will all the time.

From being a shy girl in her early 20s, Lady Diana she became a fashion icon, a « influencer« to the full extent that the current term existed at that time, it was something that was accomplished in a very short time, the opposite of Queen Isabel, which explains the possible reasons why there was never a connection between the two.

Queen Elizabeth always disapproved in one way or another of her daughter-in-law Diana of Wales. AP

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Engagement ring

The first awkward moment between the monarch and Lady Diana It was when Charles’s fiancée chose herself! What would be your engagement ring and did it after choosing it from a catalog.

In matters of royalty, it is very common for new princesses to have engagement rings custom but Diana she was not like any future princess, she was of her own choosing and chose her own jewel.

Lady Diana’s ring she chose herself from a catalog. .

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Engagement announcement

However, this was only the beginning since when announcing their commitment, Diana of Wales went to an exclusive boutique, however the employee did not recognize her and sent her to a store like « any shopping center », Diana’s simplicity led her to find an economic outfit that supposedly would not have corresponded to that of a future princess, however, they assure Queen Elizabeth would have hated the likes of Lady Di at that moment.

Diana bought a blue suit in an ordinary store that Queen Elizabeth hated, they say. AP

The wedding vows

A tradition from many years before Diana would arrive to change many of the things in royalty, by that time no one had given herself the task of writing her own vows, however, it was Diana and she did not agree in a section that indicated « obedience to Prince Charles, in everything ». As in love as she was, she was unwilling to bow to him, and Lady Di unknowingly set a benchmark for future generations, including her children.

Diana changed her wedding vows because she disagreed with its content. AP

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Children arrive

Again he broke with customs in the palace, especially those of the Queen Isabel who always had babysitters for her children and even left them with them when she went on vacation with her husband, Diana It was the opposite, she raised and tried to be always present in the lives of her children from a young age, choosing to take care of them without the least possible help.

The same happened at the time that your little ones were growing up, Lady Diana chose to enter a daycare and was not exclusive to royalty, many children attended so the coexistence with the people it was setting a precedent in their lives as well as a lesson that the royal tried to teach their children.

Diana chose how to raise her children and sent them to public schools. Photo: AP

He prince william, was the first heir to the throne to attend a public school, no one before him had, so in this, Diana It was also a pioneer.

Fashion reference

The Queen Isabel he had nothing in common with his daughter-in-law, the Princess Diana, who with his tastes completely revolutionized fashion.

While the Queen Isabel he opted for dresses, Diana he had a preferential taste for jackets but he wore them baggy not too close to his body, which took the Queen out of her boxes since her fashion advice was never heard by Diana. Particularly in the case of hats, while Isabel has not dispensed with them, Diana left her hair free since they also made her seem inaccessible to people and she sought to stay close.

Diana of Wales has been a fashion inspiration until today. .

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The Dress of Vengeance

The day that challenge to royalty in style and without any regard was the day she wore the black dress fitted to her body after she attended the charity gala at the Serpentine Gallery.

The first royal to wear a dress that went completely against the rules of the crown and Diana without anything to stop her used it and marked an unforgettable moment, she was called by the press the « Dress of Vengeance » and it was just that it was shortly after Carlos ended up admitting his infidelity with Camila Parker.

The intimacies of royalty emerge: Diana speaks to the press

When the Queen Isabel She has always struggled to keep the affairs of the palace locked up, Diana brings them up in an interview in which she appears alone and talks about issues that she was supposedly not supposed to do and particularly about the relationship of Charles and Camila.

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However, the princess Diana He did not take anyone’s opinion to reveal the triangle that he had lived throughout his marriage and how Camila it would always be a problem in her life, the princess was very transparent, even talking about issues such as her eating problems and depression, which led her to attempt against her life, after this, the Queen Isabel He asked them both to divorce immediately, after he also always remained indifferent to the times Diana he sought her out for advice.