Lady Diana, secrets you can’t imagine and the sign she ignored at her wedding to Prince Charles | AP

The date was July 29, 1981 when Diana Spencer He was preparing to marry his « prince charming », the Prince carlos In England, few know what happened before the great event.

As the bride and groom got ready for the big day, Diana she had to deal with some mishaps with her beloved wedding dress, would that be a sign of her future in royalty?

The wedding of Diana and Charles more than a great wedding it had a great meaning in the historical context of the British monarchy.

Diana and Carlos went out to greet the audience as « husband and wife ». .

Previous hours before the event, the couple went through a series of circumstances, particularly Lady Di. Details you probably didn’t know about the big day.

It may interest you Diana of Wales and Charles of England relive the moment of the wedding of the century

1.-A mishap in Diana’s dress at the last moment

Few noticed that Lady Diana she had to try to hide the accident that had happened to her dress just before the wedding, the bride had spilled perfume on the garment moments before, the makeup artist of the Princess revealed, Barbara Daly.

It was at a time when the bride went to put some of her favorite perfume « Quelques Fleurs » on her wrist, however, a few drops fell on the dress leaving a wet stain, as detailed by the makeup artist.

Diana stained her dress as she put on her favorite perfume. .

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So with just a few minutes of time, Barbara advised him to cover the stain with his hand, for this reason in several photos, Diana appears posing her hand discreetly over the dress. Have you noticed this before?

2.- Wrinkles on the dress

The designer Elizabeth Emanuel explained that she was « horrified » when noticing the notable wrinkles that were marked on the dress of « Lady Di« on his way to the chapel of Saint Paul.

We knew it would wrinkle a bit, but when it got to San Pablo and we saw the wrinkles, I really felt like I was passing out, ”revealed the designer.

Lady Diana and Carlos inside the Saint Paul chapel. .

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As detailed, a trial had been conducted with the dress, although with a material different from the original garment which ended in a very unexpected result.

3.- Diana had to take care of her shoes

Diana At five feet ten inches (1.78 meters), she had a height close to that of her husband, so when wearing very high heels, she would look taller than him since Carlos only exceeded her by one inch (2.5 centimeters), for which was very careful not to choose shoes that would make her look much taller than him when they were standing together.

Diana and Carlos walk towards the altar. .

So the famous shoemaker produced a couple of sneakers Low with an elegant heart-shaped design and suede soles to prevent it from tripping.

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4.-15 adjustments to the dress

The majestic royal dress of the Princess Diana He had to be altered on numerous occasions to adapt to the figure of the bride, who was losing weight more and more. There were so many modifications He suffered that detailed dressmakers had to start from scratch with the garment.

She was losing weight. I lost so much weight that we had to start from scratch a couple of times, even after cutting the fabric, ”revealed the designer of the dress, Elizabeth Emanuel.

Diana and Carlos moments before leaving for Saint Paul. .

Her waist was size 23 at the end. She was slim as a model.

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5 Diana changed Carlos’s name during the votes

Yes, the bride and groom were betrayed by the nerves of the moment, first the mother of William and Harry, who named her husband as Felipe Carlos instead of Carlos Felipe. And later Carlos who said « your material goods » instead of « my material goods ».

Diana and Carlos were wrong to say their votes. .