Lady Diana, did not leave the palace without it since it helped her to strengthen her self-esteem | AP

For many a fragrance or lotion could be synonymous with empowerment, trust etc, to Lady Diana All this came to strengthen his self-esteem and he did not leave the palace but took it with him.

While counting Marilyn Monroe he slept without clothes and only with a few drops of his favorite perfume the legendary Chanel number 5, Lady DianaAnother of the great icons could not live without her favorite oil, « Revive Evening », which they say helped her overcome shyness and « reinforce self-esteem » before attending an event.

Lady Diana, overcame her remarkable shyness with one of the secrets of her dressing table.

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Despite the fact that 23 years have passed since his departure, the world does not forget Lady Di and all that she meant, a few months after the publication of the next book « Meghan and Harry, released », the prestigious English firm Aromatherapy Associates revealed the favorite scent of the village princess, Diana of Wales.

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With a poetic mix of essences Like geranium, sandalwood, patchouli and Ylang Ylang, the royal is sheathed in a veil of confidence and a boost of energy, explains the same firm Aromatherapy Associates.

The mother of Harry and William, Set trends, imposed a style between innocence and glamor that still inspires stylists and designers today. A true icon whose deepest beauty secrets are still interesting.

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It is worth mentioning that Diana of Wales although I also used fragrance, It was the aroma of essential oils that aroused his greatest interest, especially in summer.

The remembered royal He starred in multiple official trips, solidarity events, parties, award ceremonies and great speeches with great grace, in addition to which everyone remembers his speeches in which he reflected a marked empathy and her shyness, which at first was something that overwhelmed her.

He used a mixture of essences at key points on his body before going to an event. AP

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However, one of his tools for this was precisely the use of said oil, which used it in bath and shower, assures the firm.

This body oil is perfect to boost self-esteem and give an energy boost. « He has the gift of improving sociability, » they say from the cosmetic firm.

Even today, prestigious brands have placed a higher value on fragrance pointing it out as a key piece to « improve mood and boost confidence, as well as being a personal hallmark, they reveal.

Endowed with great beauty, style and charisma, she conquered the hearts of the public and fashion still finds inspiration in it. AP

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The « Princess of the people« I applied it as a lotion, two drops on the wrists behind the ear and on the clavicles, areas where perfumers advise applying it.