Lady Di Memes by Prince Charles Coronavirus | Instagram

In recent days it was revealed that the Prince carlos I had given positive to the coronavirus test and although it is somewhat tragic, thousands of people began to perform memes about Princess Diana of Wales.

In this way people began to elaborate comic memes they were talking that Lady Di is looking forward to heaven.

It should be remembered that Princess Diana was one of the dearest people around the world and his departure shocked the entire world.

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As you may well know, Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles and they had two childrenbut sadly they had a very unhappy life since they were kept together only by their royal vows.

It is worth mentioning that during the 10 years of marriage they had, they both had big problems and the princess unfortunately lived a hell while she was married to Carlos.

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Lady Di wore this dress when Prince Charles was unfaithful to her, now she must be in this style when she finds out that her ex-husband has a coronavirus.

-. (@ohmxrvel)
   March 25, 2020

Her story ended when Lady Di passed away and the Prince I rebuild your life with Cournalles stretcher, rumbling that years ago, when she was still with the Princess, he cheated.

That is why now that the result of his test was released to see if he had the virus, people began to perform jokes about.

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Social network users did not hesitate to make fun about the possible reaction, from the beyond, that the Princess would have upon learning that her ex-husband was detected with the coronavirus.

Some reports have indicated that their symptom They are mild and his health is good, although he continues to work from home due to isolation Social.

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This was how they also confirmed that their wife Camilla Fortunately negative to analysis.

Many people claim that what they He passed The Prince is nothing more and nothing less than Karma, reason why it happened to him to the mother of his children Harry and William.