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Despite the fact that after the night of August 31, 1997 it was known about the incident where the princess of the town, Lady Di lost his life many questions not yet very clear were left in the air without explanation.

The lost of Diana of Wales it was for Britain and the world a great tragedy of which no one has been able to fully assume that a great woman who did so much for those most in need has left so young.

But the journalists soon discovered who she was, and from then on her private life really ended. They were on duty in front of her apartment day and night, while photographers chased her to the Young England kindergarten where she worked … She’d get calls at dawn about stories in the papers … Every time she left, in her recognizable red Metro, she was followed by a battalion of reporters. But she never lost control, giving polite yet neutral answers to questions about her feelings towards the prince … Despite everything, there was a constant tension, which tested her forces to the limit. In the privacy of her apartment, she could express her feelings. “I cried like a child between four walls, because I couldn’t stand the situation,” she recalled. Prince Charles never offered to help. When Diana, in despair, sought out the Buckingham Palace press office, they told her she was on her own. While the others washed their hands of any involvement, Diana had to use her own resources, finding strength in her instinctive determination to survive. What made the situation worse was that Prince Charles seemed less concerned about his predicament and more concerned about the situation of his friend Camilla Parker Bowles. When I called Diana, I often spoke in a compassionate tone about the difficulties Camilla was facing because there were three or four journalists camped out in front of her house. Diana bit her lip and said nothing, never mentioning that she was practically besieged. She thought it was not her place to talk about it, and she did not want to seem a burden to the man she loved. – Diana: her true story – in her own words by Andrew Morton. . . . . . . #ladydiana #ladydi #ladydianaspencer #princessofwales #princessdiana #princessdianaforever #princesadiana #princewilliam #princeharry #dianaprincessofofales #dianaspencer #royalier #fashionicon #instaroyals #instaroyal #thebritishmonarchy #thebritishroyalfamily

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Despite the fact that his life tragically ended that night under a bridge Paris, and that it was revealed that the impact wounds caused him to lose his life, we will not be able to know the deep details of the investigation until 2082 when they have indicated the file of said investigation is in the public domain.

The foregoing, is because they point out, there is a French law that stipulates that the authorities of that country have in their hands a file with images and information of more than six thousand pages however this will not be revealed until after 75 years, according to the British tabloids.

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Apparently said proceedings it is very well protected even by armed police officers as it is confidential and part of the heritage French they point out.

It is worth mentioning that the investigation carried out after the Lady Di misfortune closed definitively in 2007 reason why it will have to remain 75 years hidden according to the law referring to judicial investigations.

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Another drawback would be if the French justice does not decide to keep it hidden for more years since it is the only one that can evaluate each case before evidencing it.

With so much secrecy anyone could suspect that something very strong is stored inside those 6000 pages, information that if at any time comes to light could affect third parties.

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According to the mysterious report, he would reserve interviews with witnesses, people related to the incident, phone records and images that were never released before and after the accident that claimed the life of the royal as well as their companions.