Lady Di and Margaret Thatcher return the Crown trend, Netflix wins

“The Crown” just premiered a new season and already places Netflix back in the digital conversation on social networks for its content about Lady Di and Margaret Thatcher.

The company’s revenue increased 22.7% to $ 6.44 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

Register 2.2 million paid subscribers in the world, during the quarter ending September 30.

Since its launch in Netflix, “The Crown” She has opted for empowerment women that has even led her to obtain the statuette for Best Dramatic Series at the Emmy, on HBO, at the time. Now with Lady Di and Margaret Thatcher, has also managed to return to the online conversation about content, beyond the controversies.

That is, Netflix shines again for good original content, one of the main bets it has handled to attract users to its platform, at the key moment that means competing with Disney Plus, which is about to arrive in Mexico.

Netflix’s bet was high from the beginning with The Crown, positioning it as the most expensive series in the history of the company, since they allocated an estimated budget of 130 million dollars, at the level of a movie like Marvel’s Ant-man. This would represent a figure per chapter of $ 13 million, beating The Get Down.

But it worked so well that already in the fourth season, it continues to cause a sensation. The last verve has been given by the irruption of a weak and childish Lady Di, in front of the fortress of Margaret Thatcher in the new chapters.

The young Emma corrin She plays Lady Di and steals the show when Prince Charles casts her as the solution to his desperate search for a wife and future queen, though he is in love with Camilla Shand, who is marrying Andrew Parker Bowles. This results in a series of disorders that can have an effect on new generations, generating awareness about the bulimia.

In addition to this, there is the interesting relationship and the confrontation between Queen Elizabeth and Thatcher, the first woman in history to hold the position of Prime Minister of Great Britain, who give away the best moments of the episodes of a season.

Peter Morgan, the creator and screenwriter of the series, paints a portrait of Lady Di with little condescension. He presents her as a frail, inexperienced young woman, with little preparation and bulimia problems, exacerbated by the coldness of her husband and the royal family. This without forgetting the accurate portrait of Margaret Thatcher, a powerful and ruthless woman in a world of men and who by trying to impose herself multiplied the defects of her predecessors.

Gillian Anderson She plays the role of Thatcher not only in her gestures, but also in her attitude, which allows her to star in a high-profile duel with Colman / Elizabeth II. Because although this new installment of “The Crown” seemed destined to glorify Diana Spencer, in reality it is still a terrain dominated by Queen Colman and her assistant and sister, Margaret.

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