Lady and the Tramp – Disney Plus Movie Review

2019 was the year of the remakes of the great Disney classics. If you remember, the studio filled movie screens with Dumbo, Aladdin, The Lion King and even Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. However, facing the launch of Disney Plus in the United States and Canada, Mickey Mouse decided to open an exclusive space in its catalog to house the remake of Lady and the Tramp. The remake was presented as a new opportunity to tell us the love story between a spoiled domestic dog and a dog with a tenacious spirit. The result has been an entertaining, sweet and cuddly film, but less memorable than its animated predecessor.

This new live-action / photorealistic version of Lady and the Tramp, now available on Disney Plus, by Charlie bean (LEGO Ninjago: The Movie), deals with almost entirely tracing the animated classic. However, you do take a chance on changing some of the elements set on the original tape. For example, the zoo beaver who removes the muzzle from the dog Cocker and the substitution of the Siamese cat song, which was accused of perpetrating racist stereotypes about Asian culture. This adaptation also extends the story to complement or add situations never seen before. While these do not negatively alter the nature of the original narrative, they do not offer high levels of reinvention or originality either.

Of course, The Lady and the Tramp from Disney Plus does not dispense with its most iconic scene: the plate of spaghetti by candlelight to the rhythm of “Bella Notte.” This one is even more memorable because it now stars adorable royal canines. Regarding the music, The Lady and the Tramp from Disney Plus also has another point in its favor, which is that it integrates in a very organic way the pieces that make up its soundtrack, although it does need musical numbers that truly attract attention.

Lady and the Tramp remake Disney Plus

Now, let’s talk about the vocal cast headed by Tessa thompson, who gives life to Lady already Justin theroux like the voice of Tramp. They are joined by Ashley Jensen as Jackie, a Scottish terrier; Benedict Wong as Bull, a bulldog; singer and actress Janelle Monáe as Peg, a Pekingese, and Sam Elliot, voicing Trusty, a bloodhound. Together they offer funny performances, but the spotlight is always on the protagonists. The chemistry and sense of humor between Thompson and Theroux echo the magic that the animated film boasts.

However, that vocal aspect combined with the clumsy use of CGI / photorealism works against The Lady and the Tramp. In principle because that digital technology does not offer a balance between the real world and animation. What do we mean? It seems that the production forgot to connect the voices of the human actors with the snouts of the dogs … and, when it seems that they do, the personalities of the actors and animals do not offer really charismatic characters. Likewise, it is suddenly strange to observe talking dogs: a device that works fully in the animated version because, of course, we are talking about a cartoon.

To be honest, this Disney Plus Lady and the Tramp update makes no effort to justify its existence or rationale. What he does strive to do, however, is make his laudable message clear about the importance of rescuing and adopting stray dogs off-screen. Nothing else should be remembered that Monte, the protagonist of this version, was rescued from an extermination shelter in New Mexico (via CNN).

The lady and the tramp from Disney Plus may be somewhat inconsequential for adult audiences, but it is undoubtedly an entertaining and endearing product for children and especially for dog lovers. The latter will be pleasantly surprised by how adorable the two protagonists are and, in general, by how pleasant and tender it is to see any furry canine on the screen.

Original title: Lady and the Tramp

Director: Charlie Bean (LEGO Ninjago: The Movie)

Voices in English: Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Sam Elliott, Benedict Wong

Disney Plus lady and the tramp

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