Lack of respect in Programa Hoy, Macky González infuriates

Lack of respect in Programa Hoy, Macky González infuriates | Instagram

Visibly upset! The beautiful athlete Macky gonzalez He could not contain his anger after receiving a huge lack of respect from his dance partner Tinieblas Jr., in full performance during the Hoy Program.

The athlete presented her number next to her partner in The Stars Dance Today when the wrestler “came up with” to spank him; something that the beautiful former Warriors contestant considered enormous disrespect.

Both were very concentrated on the choreography on the track of the Hoy Program when, unexpectedly, Tinieblas Jr. performed the action and before Macky’s obvious annoyance, everything stopped, because she did not continue dancing; even though he continued with the choreography.

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After the dance, Macky González did not remain silent and when approaching the beautiful Galilea Montijo confessed that this gesture was considered a huge lack of respect towards her person since it was not part of the choreography they had rehearsed.

For his part, the wrestler pointed out that she should have been professional and continued with the dance, a situation that filled viewers with outrage, who used social networks to show their disagreement and made Macky quickly a tendency to raise their voices.

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Internet users assure that it is not right that in the time we live in, this type of situation continues to normalize on full national television and support the reaction of the beautiful Macky González.

Previously, the athlete had already shown not to be tolerant of indiscipline and lack of respect, this due to Mrs. Laura Bozzo. During a presentation by the so-called town couple, made up of Bozzo and Carlos Bonavides, the Peruvian lawyer made a rather inappropriate expression towards Judge Lolita Cortés.

When observing this situation, González could not remain silent and made use of Montijo’s microphone to point out that the lack of respect of Laura’s presenter in America was quite bad and that if the situation was going to be like that, she did not want to be there .

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Huge controversy has caused Las Estrellas Bailan in Today, especially due to the departure of Emir Pavón and his partner Michelle Vieth. The singer did not hold back in his thinking and expressed in an interview for Cuentamelo Ya !, that the permanence in the contest did not really depend on the dance, but on arguing, alluding to Laura Bozzo.

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Pavón shared that he learned that for the other he will discuss with everyone to stay longer in the contest, since the couple made up of Laura Bozzo and Carlos Benavides was saved by the public, something that the singer linked to the controversy they have maintained in the reality show.

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