LaBitConf, the most important bitcoin event in LATAM, will be free and online

Key facts:

LaBitConf will feature Vitalik Buterin and other renowned figures for the first time.

During the closing there will be a “Moon Party” where attendees can win up to 1,000 USD.

For the seventh consecutive year it will be LaBitConf, the conference of Bitcoin largest and longest-lived in Latin America. This year due to the quarantine by Covid-19 it will not be done in person, but will have a version on-line completely free from December 7 to 12, and it will be full of surprises.

At times when the price of bitcoin has surpassed its historical maximum and where the possibility of being present becomes complicated, LaBitConf has decided this 2020 to bet on more and take this conference to the moon. Yes, as you read.

Thanks to an advanced mix between Virtual Reality and 3D videos, this staging will LaBitConf 2020 a unique experience that seeks to ensure the quality and attention to detail that it showed in its previous 6 editions. This edition maintains the same number of speakers, both in English and Spanish, and has a tailored daily schedule for the 6 days of the event.

Speakers 5 stars and bitcoiner party on the moon

Among the most prominent speakers who will be in charge of enriching the experience of those attending LaBitConf 2020 meet Andreas Antonopoulos, author, speaker and advocate for bitcoin; and the cypherpunk, director of Blockstream and creator of the proof of work, Adam Back.

Also, for the first time in Latin America Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, will participate in this edition of LaBitConf, together with the renowned journalist Max Keizer, CZ (Changpeng Zhao) director of Binance and more than 140 participants from 5 continents.

In the online edition of LaBitConf, the main exponents of the industry will participate in roundtables, live talks and even a “Party on the Moon” on Saturday the 12th, to close in style.

The lunar party will have everything from DJ’s and art to dinosaurs! All this, thanks to the implementation of virtual reality elements. And the best thing is that you can attend free of charge, and even win prizes.

The first person to solve the riddles strewn on the moon by, you can win up to 1000 USD in Bitcoin.

A new way to enjoy LaBitConf

The conference will have two main scenarios so that both advanced users and beginners can enjoy the experience in the same way.

The first of these scenarios will offer attendees more advanced content, and talks such as “Bitcoin as self defense” Y “The moral case for bitcoin”, completely in English. The second scenario will feature introductory and orientation content, in Spanish, In which points such as: Bitcoin use cases, price analysis, introduction to smart contracts and much more will be touched.

The appointment is the Monday, December 7 at 12 noon (Argentine time) and you can attend by registering at the following link, and you can see the event agenda here. If you want to find out everything you can find in an edition of LaBitConf, be sure to review our content on previous editions here.

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