La Tigresa del Oriente received its result on August 3 (Photo: Twitter @ la100fm)

Judith Bustos, known in the Peruvian and Latin American entertainment world as La tigresa del Oriente reported that she has coronavirus and is in a bad condition because the symptoms of the disease keep her bedridden.

The 74-year-old singer, who rose to fame in the first decade of the 2000s due to her YouTube videos where she released rhythmic songs with positive messages, commented in an interview for the Women in command that for a few days he had presented some symptoms and after having carried out the corresponding test, he confirmed that he was infected by the SarsCov-2 virus.

The Peruvian artist revealed that she is ill and that can hardly speak, in addition to being very tired, She said that she is receiving the necessary care to get ahead and was optimistic about her future, assuring that her strength will help her overcome the condition.

“Here I am a little bad. I’m short of breath, I can’t speak much because I lack oxygen (…) It’s been a week now (I kept myself away), because on Monday I felt quite cold and at the same time I had a little nausea and dizziness, also pain in the back. Then my daughter told me ‘let’s go to the doctor’ and we went to the insurance, within an hour they gave me positive results « revealed.

He also shared how he is coping with the disease: « With treatment from the doctor, (taking) scientific medicines, and I’m also taking those herbs that they prescribe to me. »

In addition to being treated with scientific medicine, La Tigresa del Oriente takes care of her health with herbs (Photo: Twitter @ la100fm)

Regarding her symptoms, the Peruvian singer revealed that « At times and suddenly you get some pain in your back as if you were being pushed and you are short of breath. Right now I have that discomfort and then I can’t breathe normally ”.

In an interview with the newspaper La República, La Tigresa del Oriente said that on August 3 they gave him the positive result of the test, And although the singer does not know how she was infected, at this time she is suffering from the symptoms of the disease, such as constant headaches.

Yes, I have coronavirus, right now I’m sick, I can’t speak (…) I’m in bed, but thank God with all the care of the case. Despite my age, I feel strong, I know that I will get ahead, I will defeat the coronavirus, I am a warrior woman and I have always gotten ahead in life

La Tigresa del Oriente caused a stir by venturing into the TikTok platform (Photo: Twitter @ la100fm)

Just a few days ago the New Dawn interpreter reported on the death of his brother, due to complications from the coronavirus, a very unfortunate fact for the singer’s family, because in addition to the pain of the loss, she could not say goodbye to him as she would have liked due to the current confinement conditions.

“My little brother who lives far away, unfortunately passed away a little over a month ago from COVID-19. Unfortunately we are far away and I am part of the vulnerable population and I could not risk traveling. But I will always carry it in my heart. I shared many things with him before the quarantine. Later, when the compulsory social isolation began, I no longer heard from him, ”Bustos told Radio Karibeña.

Just last June, La Tigresa del Oriente decided to see the optimistic side of the health contingency with the opening of its TikTok where he presents his « positive garritas », and used his account as a launching pad for a new version of his hit A New Dawn, now focused on the pandemic.

In her account, the singer was encouraged to perform the viral challenges of some dances on the video platform, With which he surprised his followers by showing another facet in his artistic career.


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