Santiago, RD.

Those close to the assassinated former Fernando de los Santos, known as “La Soga,” said that when the victim saw that someone was hungry, he took money out of their pockets to buy food for themselves and their families.

“No one could be hungry in front of him that he did not tell him to have and go there,” said a man who called himself his friend, at the scene of the murder of “La Soga”, who minutes before was lying a few meters from where the man spoke.

The residents of “La Soga”, who was killed multiple times on Wednesday morning, indicated that the former was a nice man and loved by the community. A calm man who “despite the things that were said about him” was good to his neighbors.

His murder occurred on Caonabo street in the San Francisco de Asís residential complex, in the Gurabo community, in the Santiago province. De los Santos was 49 years old at the time of his death, as confirmed by the prosecutor in charge of the first investigations.

Fernando de los Santos, who was recognized as a front-line galician in the community, was described as a sociable person by his neighbors, who this morning were mourning his murder in the residential.

“Despite his rank, the one who earned his money paid him, without argument and with nothing,” said one of the neighbors, as an anecdote of the cockfights in which “La Soga” participated.

The neighbor, who defined himself as his friend, and who preferred not to identify himself, also expressed that perhaps many people saw him as a “bad man, but in reality he was a good man”.

Prosecutor Mauricio Ozoria, who was present at the removal of the body of De los Santos, said that so far it is unknown who caused the death of “La Soga” and that he could not reveal if they had hypotheses about the case because They were in the first phase of the investigation.

Likewise, he stated that until now the number of bullets that hit De los Santos is unknown and that this will be determined in the autopsy that will be performed at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif), where his body was transferred for procedures. corresponding.

For six years, “La Soga” was a fugitive from justice for allegedly murdering Elvis Sebastián Valerio Espinal and Luis Roberto Torres Ortega (Robert) on commission.

In November 2017, he was captured by the authorities, however, in December 2018, he was released for not finding evidence against him.

While in the National Police, he presumably led a group of agents known as “The Team” or “The Squad”, who allegedly dedicated himself to pursuing criminals or fugitives from justice. He was linked to at least 35 unofficial murders.

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