La Roca shares his weekly training routine at home, so that you are just as strong as him | INSTAGRAM

During the social lockdown, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” has been answering a thousand questions on his Instagram, but the one that interested the most was: his weekly training routine at home.

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« La Roca », lives the quarantine delivered to his fans, even to recommend that we wash our hands or confess the advice of his father on his first day at the gym, likewise the actor and wrestling star continues to liven up the confinement answering all kinds of questions through his official Instagram account.

The last one that he has left us is a real wonder, Dwayne has shown us what his weekly training routine at home is like, and whoever dares to give it his all will obviously see the expected results, of course, adding a change in eating habits.

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« My current training is as follows », the text began, clarifying why he is not going to record doing exercises, clearly it is not because he is afraid of not executing them perfectly, it is simply that he felt empathy for the millions of Internet users who do not They can attend the gym, so he won’t commit the rude act of showing us how he trains on his staff.

« I just know that I train very angry for being in this situation and I can’t wait for everyone to go back to the gym to train like real beasts, » added the actor, continuing to comment that we need to stay healthy, safe and positive.

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In this way, he began with the publication of his weekly routines, indicating a data that is too important, and that it really has to be taken into account when starting a new body exercise routine.

« This is my training routine, my current weight is 127 kg » he began, the fighter says that on Monday he performs chest, leg, abdomen and cardio at the end, on Tuesday he focuses on the muscles of the back, abdomen, neck and cardio, on Wednesdays he practices deltoids, abdomen and cardiovascular exercise.

In the same way, continuing with the training, on Thursdays he defines arms, abdomen, legs and ends his training with cardio, on Fridays he dedicates himself to increasing his chest, back, abdomen and in the same way ends his routine with cardio.

Although the weekends are a bit more relaxed, because on Saturdays he only performs exercises focused on the legs and their respective cardio, and on Sundays, he mentions that it is a day off, or maybe not.