La Maison en Pierre, vintage is the most sustainable

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The story of La Maison en Pierre is the story of Anna Covelli. A woman who lives between two of the most beautiful parts of the world, northern Italy and southern France. It is there, in the Provençal region of the Luberon, that together with her husband she has renovated a stone estate from the 17th century.

Over the years, during frequent visits to brocantes in the region, he came across vintage linen, a material that is very strong and diverse in terms of pattern, color, and thickness. Since then she has been collecting vintage fabrics and realized that this linen would be especially suitable for handbag production: it is durable, elegant and each piece has a story to tell.

“Luckily, while I am in Italy I am surrounded by the best accessory artisans. They are incredibly important to a business like mine that produces a few cured pieces, sometimes hand embroidered, which make them unique creations ”, Anna Covelli.

(Photo: By cuts & # xed; a from White Paper By)(Photo: By cuts & # xed; a from White Paper By)

(Photo: Courtesy of White Paper By)

La Maison en Pierre accessories are sustainable on many levels. First, they use vintage material and surplus leather production, which has the added benefit of making each bag unique. Second, they minimize material waste by using leftover linen from the production of their bags to create other accessories. Lastly, their creations are made from a very durable fabric that has truly stood the test of time. They have recently expanded their collection of bags to include belts and shoes, all handmade in Italy by skilled artisans such as Mario from Milan or the Friuli ladies who made Friulane shoes.

(Photo: By cuts & # xed; a from White Paper By)(Photo: By cuts & # xed; a from White Paper By)

(Photo: Courtesy of White Paper By)

La Maison en Pierre is also a story about a female business born during the pandemic. They have been open for exactly one year and their success is proof of their resilience but also of the opportunities they have found during this year.

“One of the positives has been the total attention we received from the artisans who weren’t busy with orders from their regular clientele. However, the most gratifying result of this year of activity has been the birth of a strong community of clients from all corners of the world. They are curious about the creative process, they are interested in every new project, and most importantly, they are incredibly loyal and supportive of our brand ”, Anna Covelli.

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