“La Loba” brought out the breed in a fight against “The Empress” who stayed warm wanting to throw more.

By Jaime Estrada

Art: Joe Serrat

An all-out war had been promised between women who do not beat around the bush and both Zulina Muñoz and Isis Vargas graced the evening Beauty and Power, because since the bell rang, gauntlets of all sizes were thrown, from the beginning the “La Emperatriz” marksmanship, but “La Loba’s” fang was evident as she elegantly dodged careful strokes and despite spreading herself too wide to deliver her blows, she still managed to keep the baton extremely narrow. Zulina was at times a captive of Isis’s offensive radar that as soon as she looked at a slit she did not think twice to fill it with leather. Muñoz out of inertia felt that the cards weren’t smiling at him and put more emphasis on his deployment for at the end of 8 rounds the judges in split decision leaned for “La Loba”. The discontent of the Isis truncheon that became louder as the contest progressed was noted from leagues, and without a doubt, her style of attacking the line where the fire burns made her worthy of recruiting more admirers. Zulina is happy to go down with her arm raised in a fight that could easily have been a draw or failing that, the verdict could have been in favor of the opposite corner.

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