La Liga Santander: Preseason live: Cdiz, Valencia, Espanyol, Getafe, Rayo Vallecano, Osasuna and Mallorca play


Getafe 1-0 Stade Rennais (Break)

Linense 0-0 Cdiz (Rest)

Valencia 2-0 Atromitos (Part One)

Las Palmas 0-0 Espanyol (Break)

Vallecano Ray 0-1 Al Shabab (Part One)

Osasuna 0-1 Huesca (First part)

Majorca Cartagena (20.00 hours)

Sooo good to everyone! The teams begin to prepare this season that starts the August 13 and they want to get there in the best possible way. On BRAND You will be able to follow the friendlies of the LaLiga Santander teams with a day in which seven teams of the highest category make an appearance. Stay with us to enjoy the best football. We started!

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, rest) REST

Linense – Cdiz (0-0, rest) REST

Getafe – Stade Rennais (1-0, break) BREAK

The first half is over at Pinatar Arena with an advantage on the scoreboard for Getafe.

Linense – Cdiz (0-0, min. 44) Double chance for Cdiz

Double chance for Cdiz, double chance for Lex Fernandez from the front of the area. In the end, the attempt by the Cdiz midfielder ends in a goal kick for Linense.

Getafe – Stade Rennais (1-0, min. 42) The French team had the tie

The Stade Rennais has had the clearest so far. Free kick thrown directly into the area and finished in the heart of the Aguerd brand free area. The central shot did not find a goalkeeper.

Mallorca – Cartagena (Without starting) Lineup

We already have the eleven of Luis Garca Plaza:

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, min. 36) Sparks fly

New yellow card in this duel. This time for a man from Espanyol:

Rayo Vallecano – Al Shabab (0-1, min. 30) Rayo keep trying

Osasuna – Huesca (0-1, min. 7) Goal of Huesca

The Huesca team is ahead. The first to hit has been Huesca. The team relegated from La Liga scored in the seventh minute through Escriche.

Rayo Vallecano – Al Shabab (0-1, min. 20) Rayo responds

Rayo Vallecano responds in two approaches by Bebe and Andrs Martn, but for the moment the Vallecano team remains at a disadvantage.


Linense – Cdiz (0-0, min. 27) First change

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, min. 24) Chance for the parakeets

Espanyol also scares. Arrival by band of Adrin Embarba that ends up finishing Didac. The parakeet attempt was about to end in goal.

Osasuna – Huesca (0-0, min. 1) The match starts

The 19:30 meeting between Osasuna and Huesca has already started.

Valencia – Atromitos (2-0, min. 25) Goal annulled to Valencia

They have just annulled Valencia’s third goal due to an offside position by Manu Vallejo. The young man repeated in the author.

Valencia – Atromitos (2-0, min. 20) Valencia’s second

Find prize in individual action Jason. Grab the ball on the right wing, cut in and shoot with his left leg to adjust the shot to the long stick. Increase your income Valencia.

Rayo Vallecano – Al Shabab (0-1, min. 16) Goal of Al Shabab

The visiting team is ahead. He does it through an old acquaintance in our league. The goal has been the work of former Granada and Manchester Unites Odion Ighalo.

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, min. 21) Watch out for Las Palmas

The Canarian team is about to score the first. Lemos has tried forcing Oier to stretch to save the first.

Linense – Cdiz (0-0, min. 19) Cdiz tries

At the moment we are seeing more presence in rival area of ​​Cadiz. The yellow team is trying from a set piece. For now, the Linense is clearing.

Getafe – Stade Rennais (1-0, min. 16) GETAFE GOAL

Second goal of the afternoon. Getafe is also ahead at the Pinatar Arena. Goal from a direct free kick by Enes nal. Throughout the squad cleaning the cobwebs from the front of the area.

Valencia – Atromitos (1-0, min. 14) GOOOOL OF VALENCIA

Valencia is ahead of the Greek team. Ball behind the Greek defense that Diego Lpez catches. The attacker dodges the goalkeeper’s exit and serves the goal to Manu Vallejo on a tray.

Getafe – Stade Rennais (0-0, min. 12) Chance for the French team

Clear occasion for the French team. Dangerous arrival by band after the opening of Guirassy. The low center was looking for him at the Terrier penalty spot, but Maksimovic was providential.

Valencia – Atromitos (0-0, min. 7) Valencia was approaching

Bordals Valencia tried it after moving the ball from band to band. The flitration attempt ended in the hands of the Greek goalkeeper.

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, min. 6) Yellow card

We already have the first yellow card of the afternoon. It is seen by Curbelo, the Las Palmas player after committing an infraction.

Linense – Cdiz (0-0, min. 4) First chances

There is still a tie on the scoreboard, but we will see for how long. There has already been an occasion for each team. Masllorens cleared a corner kick by lvaro Negredo’s shot and Juan Flere thwarted Coulibaly’s attempt.

Linense – Cdiz (0-0, min. 1)

The ball is also rolling in the Linense – Cdiz.

Getafe – Stade Rennais (0-0, min. 1)

The meeting also starts in the Pinatar Arena. Getafe already moves the ball at the start of the game.

Las Palmas – Espanyol (0-0, min. 2)

The meeting between Las Palmas and Espanyol begins. It is the first field to get the ball rolling this afternoon.

Getafe – Stade Rennais (Not Started) Lineup

We finally completed eleven of the 19:00 meetings with Mchel’s:

Osasuna – Huesca (Without starting) Arrasate presents eleven

We already know the Osasuna lineup as well:

Rayo Vallecano – Al Shabab (Without starting) Iraola presents his eleven

The line-up of Rayo Vallecano is also made official:

Las Palmas – Espanyol (Without starting) Starting eleven

We already know the eleven protagonists with whom Espanyol starts:

Valencia – Atromitos (Without starting) Alignment

Bordals has also revealed its eleven:

Linense – Cdiz (Without starting) There are already eleven

Those are the men with whom I will go out to the green Cervera:

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